Social Media yesterday went a buzz when the driver of Honda KCB 697T drove to the walk way and dumps unconscious lady’s body. With the era of smartphone, a second eye was watching and too photos that were later shared on social media.

The Social Media users started sharing asking anyone with information about the owner to help so that he can be culpable of his doing.

One Facebook user who happens to be the eye witness wrote, “Earlier this evening, the driver of this Car KCB 697T dumped an unconscious lady, by the road side at Roysambu. While taking off, the driver realized people were taking photos, he got out of the car pretending to be a concerned citizen, with the Commotion, and he managed to take off… Share this widely so we can catch this man. The lady has been taken to hospital by good Samaritans. Police are yet to arrive at the scene,”.

The unconscious lady had foams oozing out of her mouth in a seemingly drugged ordeal.

Watch the video


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