Singer Otile Brown has again accused his ex girlfriend and socialite Vera Sidika of getting rid of a pregnancy.

“Some people are sick. Mtu yuko so obsessed kuzaa mtoto mcute forgetting that chalii na dem wanawezakua light skin and still maze mtoto mweusi. Have seen it with my own eyes (A person is so obsessed with giving birth to a cute child forgetting that both parents can be light skinned but still end up getting a dark skinned child.)

“Yangu ilitolewa coz she doubted I’m light skin enough for the baby to come out light skin. Yani you’d rather be with a wrong guy as long as he can get you a cute baby (light skin) what’s going on in the world. By cute we know you mean light!! Daah. Then for a sure bet get a white man. So when you’re light skin, you’re considered cute?! We know it bothers you, we can see through your lies. Sick and y’all will end up bad,” Otile Brown ranted on Instagram.

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