Netizens are angry after IT experts discovered that the Kenya Power billing system is flawed.

The syndicate has apparently cost the common Kenyan tens of millions of shillings. The billing system, Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) said affects both the post and pre-paid customers.

In a damning report released on Monday, DCI said that at least 15 suspects among them senior staffers in the finance and ICT departments will be brought to book.

DCI is looking into Kenya Power’s ICT general Manager Titus Kitavi, acting general manager finance Ambrose Lemaon, Benjamin Muoki, Philip Mwai and other junior employees.

The officers are said to have colluded with IT experts outside of Kenya Power to manipulate the billing system.

They hacked into the MPesa ‘RADIS’ system because programmers deliberately failed to develop a validator of the systems transactions.

Here are some of the netizens comments:



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