Politician Bundi Kirimi from Kiagu Ward  has cautioned  the electorate  from entering the early campaigns and forgetting to ask for implementation of election pledges  that were made by their leaders who they elected through the ballot  to solve  their problems.

Mr Kirimi  has said politicians are doing their jobs well by politicking day and night but told residents not to be enticed  by those leaders who don’t want to  see development trickle to them by shunning early campaigns temperatures.
Mr Kirimi alias BK speaking exclusively to our reporters  has said that for there to be meaningful development in the area the residents  should pray and demand for election pledges that were made by their leaders who they elected last political season.
He has called on all elected leaders and non elected actors to forge unity which can only be realised by the leaders working together as a team  to serve the county better.
Mr Kirimi spoke  to us in His rural home in Kiagu Ward
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