Hon. John Mbai the member of parliament for Suba South and National Assembly Minority Leader was today engaged in cat fight with the National Assembly speaker Justine Muturi over his remarks during the procedural motion.

Mbadi who was ordered to withdraw his statement citing illegitimacy of the president defied the orders and opted to withdraw from the house.

“As we prepare to go to recess today, i there is no need of being recalled to approve anything by the president because as far as am concerned, there is no sitting president” . He stated.

“I have ordered you Hon. Mbadi to retract your statement failure to you know the consequences. I will not allow such statements to be made under my watch, some statements your comfortable making out there and not within this chamber” the speak ordered.

This followed by heckling from the Jubilee allied Mps and this forced Mbadi to walk out of the chamber as he shook hands with his allies.

Here is the Video Courtesy of KTN:


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