A family in Kiambu county is seeking justice after their 3-week-old baby claimed to have died after being taken to the Kiambu hospital was discovered to be alive at the mortuary.

The family had already started plans to bury the baby identified as Ngugi only to receive news that he was still alive.

Kiambu hospital

The family claimed it had already dug the grave ready for burial.

The family was forced to fill up the grave and perform rituals following reports that the baby was alive.

However, their joy of finally re-uniting with the baby who had ‘come back from the dead’ was cut short two days later after he passed on at the Gatundu Hospital, this time for real.

Baby Ngugi had been moved from the mortuary to Gatundu Hospital where he was receiving treatment.

The enraged family could not come to terms with the turn of events and demanded to know which doctor pronounced the baby dead initially.

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