Abduba Dida former presidential aspirant on the Alliance for Real Change party has given his twisted two cents on the ongoing political hot scene. He has requested Uhuru’s family to take him to a rehabilitation Centre so that he can be checked for his own good.

He went ahead and posed a question, “How can your eyes be red 24/7?” He was speaking at a conference on Monday 25th September 2017. The Alliance for real Change party boss also cited that if he was a president he could have offered Uhuru a job under one condition. If he pass the test.


The hilarious ex-presidential candidate also said, “Uhuru would have been one man who if he asks, God would have accepted his prayers but only after going for rehabilitation. Sincerely speaking… it is not an issue of tribal, Uhuru needs 3 months rehabilitation, urgent, if you love him and respect him, please take him there,”

He added, “I will vote for Uhuru Kenyatta if he goes for tests mkojo na damu and he’s free, i will vote for him…It’s not a joke. Kwanini watu sports wanakimbia alafu anaambiwa wewe simama because that running is extra ordinary, hebu leta mkojo na damu…anaambiwa umemeza kitu. Kwani who is he (Uhuru), how can your eyes be red 24/7? You know just asking. Nimekosa kuuliza hio?”

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