A move made by the Nairobi County Government to Ban all Matatu from accessing the CBD has caused stir on social media. On a gazette public notice, all Public Service Vehicle(PSV) as from next week Wednesday 20th September 2017 will dropping passengers at the designated terminus.

PSV that operates along Waiyaki Way, Limuru Road, Muranga Road Kipande Road and Uhuru Highway will be parking at Fig Tree terminus A while the PSV that access CBD from Thika Road, Ruiru and Kiambu Road will be parking at Fig Tree terminus B.

PSV accessing CBD from Ring Road, Juja Road, Park Road will be parking at Ngara Road Terminus.

PSV using Jogoo Road, Lusaka Road Likoni Road and Lungalunga road will be parking at Muthurwa Terminus. PSV using NGONG Road, will be parked at Railways Terminus.

Other designated terminus include Bus Station, Hakati terminus, Desai Service Road terminus, Park road terminus.

This is not the first attempt to decongest the busy CBD, under former Nairobi Governopr Dr. Evance Kidero, thr attempt never bore fruits as the Matatu Owners Association Chairman Simon Kimutai alleged that Kideros team never consaulted them to draft such regulations.

The question is, IS THIS FAIR TO NAIROBI’s SLAY QUEENS who have to drops in the CBD and pick another matatu to work?

Here is what KOT using the #MatatuCBDBan had to say.

A moment of silence to all Jogoo rd peeps who work at Westlands..Just how on earth is one to walk from Muthurwa to Fig Tree??!

As long they are planning to build a Subway or cable cars..then it’s all good

To all those who voted for Sonko… Make budget for Uber or walk in the rain & sun or on mud & dust. Then, vote for him again!

Lazy people who don’t exercise you now have free gym membership. Fitness is now mandatory requirement in Nairobi. Keep walking

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