1. Try an overall lighter look to really show off your natural beauty which is is especially good for outdoor weddings by keeping your eyeliner more intense along the outer corner of your eyes. Finish with a light pink cheek color and a soft, yet bright pink shade on your lips to cover it all.
  2. To minimize your makeup look, line your inner upper and lower lash lines, and apply some highlighter cream onto your cheekbones to bring up the glow you already have because you are getting married!
  3. Add drama to natural-looking makeup by lining your eyes on the top and bottom, and then adding a bit of black shadow onto your lid for a sexy look. Lastly, contour your cheeks with bronzer and swipe on a nude gloss.
  4. Use bronze shades on your eyes, cheeks, and lips to create a gorgeous effect. If bronze isn’t your shade of choice, try a dusty rose color on your lids, cheeks, and lips for a girly yet grown-up finish it.
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