In an interview with a top website, the socialite, who has just launched a new beauty spa in Westlands, said that distance and age played a huge factor when parting ways with the guy.

“That situation is very tricky. First of all the long distance and he is young. He looks very buffy because he is a bodybuilder. He looks like he is probably in his 30’s.”

She went on to add that she want’s an older man since she’s about to hit 30. Surprisingly, Otile is barely 24 — if we go by the age he claims.

“He was 26 as of last year and I was 27. Most people think he was older than me or my sponsor. He is a very young guy with dreams and goals he is still chasing and I felt like the distance thing wasn’t going to work. I want to focus on building this brand as i am almost 30. In two years i will be thirty so…..” added Vera. 


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