Jackson Makini AKA Prezzo hinted that he is the force behind the socialites who were “underground” before he stepped into their life.

Prezzo agreed to have slept with top celebrity and socialites in Kenya, among them were former NTV AM host Sheila Mwanyiga, Sassy Huddah Monroe, bootylicious Vera Sidika, Nairobi Diaries actress Mitchelle, Rapper Noty Flow among others. “They became famous because of me, lets call a spade a spade”, He said.

He was speaking on Kalekye Mumos Talk central TV show. He admitted that he was still in touch with his exes. Asked about Daisy Kiplagat the mother of her daughter princess Zari Boke Makini, he said, “Daisy loved Jackson Makini but she hated Prezzo, the fact that I spent so much time into building this brand so I couldn’t let it go”

He added, Am a very sweet person if I do say so myself, so when I give you love I give you all my love”. He added a sense of humor about the love he gave Daisy, “ and when you see that love going away, it makes you go kuku…. It makes you go sycho”

Kalekye Mumo couldn’t hold back her laugh.  Prezzo accepted that his relationship with her daughter is complicated and that the allegation that he was violent on Daisy was all false.

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