Betty Kyalo had her fans worried when she revealed she was admitted to hospital in June due to a bad case of tonsillitis and fatigue. According to prior reports by, the beauty fell ill out of the blues and had to stay in hospital for observation before returning home.

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo. /INSTAGRAM

In an Instagram post seen by, Betty revealed she underwent a surgery on Wednesday, June 28.

The mother of one revealed the procedure was a long way coming as she had always suffered from infection and inflammation of the tonsils.

“As much as the recovery process is tough, I’m looking forward to better days,” she wrote.

According to the mother of one, talking and swallowing is still a challenge but she is looking forward to recovering.

Her fans streamed in to offer their support as some whispered a word of prayer and encouragement to the gorgeous TV presenter.

Betty Kyallo_scar
KTN anchor Betty Kyallo. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Betty stated she underwent the procedure at Nairobi hospital. Unlike the last time she revealed she was sick, she had no drips running through her hand and she could even afford a smile. Quick recovery mama Ivana.

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