MPs on Tuesday opened a new avenue to make more money from tax payers — by being appointed to at least two House committees — even after the Salaries and Remuneration Committee massively cut their perks.

The step marked a breakthrough for the National Assembly to begin its work, including the  possible formation of a committee to vet nominee Cabinet secretaries, three months after MPs were elected.

The MPs started the process of amending House rules to increase the size of House committees to allow each of the 349 lawmakers to be appointed to at least two committees, with Jubilee Party and the opposition National Super Alliance working together on that.

They approved the membership of the Committee on Selection and the Procedure and House Rules Committee.

The House Rules Committee will meet on Wednesday and the Committee on Selection on Friday.


Majority Leader Aden Duale said the first order of business at the House Rules Committee will be the change of the Standing Orders to increase the size of departmental and select committees.

“We have looked at the numbers and we have realised that we have some gaps, and that is why these members will receive our concerns, through our Whips, on where we want the Standing Orders amended and every member of our House, the 349, can be in two committees — one departmental and one select, comfortably,” said Mr Duale.

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